Neurotechnologies and organic electronic devices

Main role in the project:

Organic electronic device synthesis and on-demand release by wireless power
IIT (Italian Institute of Technology) is a scientific research center establishedby law in 2003 by Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research and Ministry of Economy and Finance, in order to promote excellence in both basic and applied with a very strong approach to technology transfer. IIT scientific vision is interdisciplinary, based on the concept of “translating evolution into technology”, that is mimicking natural solutions to develop new technologies in the fields of robotics, materials science, and life science. The main goal is to produce technologies that will have a positive impact on some important societal challenges, such as sustainability and the environment, healthcare and aging society, also reflecting the priorities of EU framework programs. This approach promotes the creation of joint-labs and research agreements with industrial partners, universities, and international research centers.

Institute & research groups

Two research groups are involved in the project:

Involved principal investigator: Prof. Luciano Fadiga
Involved principal investigator: Prof. Fabio Biscarini
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