Biology and Biotechnology

Main role in the project:

Development of polymeric nanoparticles with RNA-driven therapeutics targeting meningeal fibroblasts and ex-vivo studies based on organotypic spinal slices.

The advanced therapies group was created in January 2008 at CNC and aims at generating fundamental and translational knowledge in the intersection of biomaterials with stem cells. The research group has two main avenues of research:  
  1. Disease/ageing modeling and drug screening program
  2. Regenerative medicine, particularly focused in regeneration mediated by controlled delivery of drugs.
The research group uses many tools to accomplish this goal, including the design of new biomaterials with relevant biological information, molecular and cell biology, microfluidic systems, high content analysis, and animal experimentation. Nanomedicine platforms to modulate the activity of stem cells and their progenies. The development of a wide spectrum of nanotechnologies (referred as Nanomedicine by National Institutes of Health for applications in the biomedical area) during the last years are very promising for the study of stem cell biology and to control exogenous and endogenous stem cells for regenerative medicine. The group is particularly interested to use these tools to induce in vivo stem cell differentiation and to mobilize stem cells from their niches to treat cardiovascular diseases. For this purpose, they are developing nanomaterials that release efficiently biomolecules (small molecules, proteins or non-coding RNAs) to manipulate stem cells or their progenies.


Involved principal investigator: Prof. Lino Ferreira
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